“Unlimited Mind” – “The Infinite Mind” – a global multilingual project-portal of enlightenment and self-development.

Develop together!

The purpose – to provide useful information in an intelligible form – for the development of all of its possible meanings:

  • Health,
  • – Development of the Body,
  • – Development of the Spirit,
  • – Development of Mind
  • – Development of Intellect
  • – Development of Material,
  • – Social Development.
  • And many other.

However, the resources devoted to the above mentioned topics, there is quite a lot.

What is the meaning and uniqueness “of the Infinite Mind”?

– Information on Unlimind – it does not copy/paste. All materials and ideas are “check” on the life experiences of people “Corporation of Reason.”

The information should be useful. That is inspected, tested, and free of augmented useless. As little as possible “water” and as much as possible accessible, useful effect.

– Connectivity and population. World as a whole is one, and attempts to “break” that is regarded as a highly specialized pieces sooner or later lead to lameness and loss of knowledge that eventually turn into harmful. Unlimind links all in one system.