“The basis of health and disease is in our mind.”

Символ здоровья

The question which has never lost, is, and will always be relevant.

What actually is it, “health”?

According to the Regulations of the World Health Organization, “health – it is not the absence of disease as such or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” But in reality it is fully express the concept without resorting to specialized industry is difficult. Fortunately, abstraction can accommodate all of the concepts in a single puzzle.

Health implies first of all his being and his attitude to yourself, self-perception, interpretation itself. A person with the disease, but completely deny it, moreover, convinced and inspired by their beliefs, can safely be called “the health of all healthy.” However, logical and fair to the opposite situation, if the person on the face, no illnesses and apparent reason to be confident and depressed health in this case only remotely relative.