Struggle with negative emotions

Борьба с негативными эмоциями

Emergency methods :

Negative emotions and thoughts sometimes very strong and acts as a catalyst to each other. When you lose control on them , they begin to master you , then needed emergency , ” surgical ” methods .

The following methods are checked personally by the authors of the portal :

1 ) Walk in the fresh air .

It is desirable in the park , close to nature , but if you can not fit any other place . Especially effective breathing deeply while walking , but not intense, and loud music on headphones .

2 ) Water , bathroom, shower .

Water has a very energy inforamtsionno capacious nature, and in contact with the body can greatly help to absorb excess is not a fraction . Especially effective cold shower for a few minutes followed by trituration of the body with a towel.
3) Sedatives not chemical composition.

Yes, yes , some “stuff valerian ” may be much more effective than any alcohol or tobacco.

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