Let’s imagine the following model, which would be easier and better to absorb the new information.

data -> Information -> knowledge -> understanding -> awareness

Information are some data that, through our perception are knowledge (in small letters). And so, for a rough example: There is evidence that we exist. When we think about it, the data becomes information. If the data is static and unchanging, the information is not seen each equally. The fact that we are, can be perceived in different ways, depending on the experience and perception of the person.

When information is perceived by the person, the next phase is called knowledge. And so, for example: there was evidence of the account, that is the “number”, a man took, received information about the account that there is a (one, two, three …). When information was enough “it” knowledge. Knowledge generated Arabic numerals 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 that describe quantity.

Sufficiently aware of “a”, “number”, “account”, “description of” get “understanding.” This is the next step. It means understanding, which is, in turn, creates a different number system, different approaches, almost all of mathematics.

When the amount of knowledge and understanding to a critical point, especially when combined with spiritual development (that is, an understanding from all sides, and at the same time, from the inside), there is awareness. Awareness is the stage of “enlightenment” in the field of perception. That is, approximately to, the laws that created it. It is a feeling of complete confidence, full of perception.